STYR is an organizational consulting firm specialized in organization design, job evaluation and rewards. We believe that principles such as clarity, consistency and fairness bring tranquility to organizations.

Organizations can be structured more effectively and agile by placing people with the right problem solving skills, drivers and talents in the right position. We believe that people should be deployed and evaluated for their real added value, matched with a suitable reward. In our opinion, that goes beyond just following the market. We help organizations to tell their employees a coherent reward story. 


  • Powerful in the O of Personnel & Organization
  • Innovative, sound and pragmatic
  • Knowledge of the business and sector of our customers
  • Knowledge transfer to and close cooperation with HR
  • Long-term relationships with customers


  • (Micro) organization design
  • Management philosophy
  • Job families, roles and career paths
  • Alignment between organization design and people development
  • Dynamic organization


  • Our vision on job grading of the future
  • STYR Model ™ – grading the job and person on the job
  • STYR job matrix
  • STYR Allocator Tool (online Job grading tool)
  • Dynamic grading ™ – valuing people
  • Maintenance of classic job evaluation (Korn Ferry-Hay, Cats, Mercer, Orba, ISF etc.)


  • Fair rewards
  • Salary and bonus structure
  • Independent salary benchmark advice
  • Employee benefits

    Modern and practical tool

    The STYR model supports organizations in making decisions about the composition of teams, new jobs, roles, appropriate remuneration and promotions of employees. Agility, added value and and people’s talents are central to the STYR model.


    • Agile organizational structure
    • Optimal deployment of people in functions, roles and teams
    • Recognizable and explainable internal relationships
    • Actually rewarding added value.


    Our specialists have used their expertise for the following customers! A selection of our references:

    clear organisations & fair rewards

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